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Sarah + Jack | Engagement | Lake Lanier + Downtown Atlanta, Georgia

Words can't explain how much Sarah Potts and Jack McKnight's engagement session means to me! Sarah has been one of my best friends for six years, and when she started dating Jack a little over four years ago, I knew she had found her #McKnightInShiningArmor! When she Facetimed me on New Year's Eve to break the news about Jack popping the question, I couldn't contain my excitement! Sarah and I have fun just sitting around chatting, laying out at the beach, or dancing the night away. In fact, she was one of my bridesmaids, and when she asked me not only to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but also to capture her engagements and wedding day, I was beyond honored and thrilled!

Sarah and Jack moved to Atlanta a year and half ago, and we decided to capture this special stage in their life in a city where their relationship continued to blossom and, also, where Jack proposed to Sarah. We started their engagement session off at Lake Lanier, one of their favorite serene locations outside of the busy city of Atlanta!

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Next, we headed to an area at Lake Lanier with denser trees. I absolutely love the cohesiveness of the earthy tones of their outfits and the forest itself!

Of course we had to incorporate the city vibe of downtown Atlanta into their engagement photos! Sarah was especially excited about getting some photos within the city-scape—now they they can bring a piece of Atlanta with them to wherever they end up later in life!


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