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Sandra + Eli | Christmas Minis with a SURPRISE PROPOSAL | Mobile, Alabama

Capturing my best friend Sandra Huynh's proposal was hands down one of my most memorable and special moments as a photographer! I thought I was just doing a regular Christmas mini session but her boyfriend Eli Bilbo had a surprise in store! After about 10 minutes of photos, Sandra ran ahead to this beautiful tree. Eli seized the moment to quickly show me the ring box and said “Let me know when!” With only a few seconds to walk to the tree and process this information, I knew I had to also capture the special moment on video, so I made up some excuse about my phone falling out of my pocket and having to hold it instead. (Thanks to all the hilarious moments at weddings that have trained me to video with my left hand while taking photos with my right hand😂) We snapped a few more photos under this tree and then, hoping that Eli would catch my signal, I instructed them with “Now do something silly! Do something crazy! What’s something totally crazy?” Sandra started twirling around and right on cue Eli bent down—when Sandra twirled back to face him, he was on one knee! Honestly I’m not sure how I was able to see what I was doing through all the tears and shaking (and trying not to jump up and down and scream)! I’m still in shock and OH SO THRILLED! Thank you Eli for the allowing me the honor of capturing such a beautiful moment and for making my best friend so incredibly happy! Y’all may know Sandra as my second shooter, but this time she finally gets to be the BRIDE!!! Cannot wait to celebrate!!!

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