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Ann + Sean | Wedding | Flat Lay Photos | Blush + Gold | Styled Shoot

Taking wedding detail photos is one of my favorite parts of every wedding, and it's always so therapeutic to slow down in the midst of a hectic day and focus on capturing the little details that help create the full aesthetic of the wedding! I often say that I could spend hours taking detail photos, so I decided to do just that during this COVID-19 quarantine to improve my wedding detail photography. After researching flat lay photography and investing in the necessary materials and accessories, I gathered together all of the items from my own wedding nearly five years ago!

It was wonderful to take a trip down memory lane as I looked through our wedding craft memorabilia, including hand folded origami cranes used for the send-off, hand cut fan-shaped programs, chopstick sets made by my family in Taiwan, fortune cookie wedding favors, and hand painted wedding invitations. In hindsight, painting each of the 300 invitations may not have been the most efficient decision, but I do love how they complement our blush and gold wedding theme! Playing around with a variety of different layouts really got my creative juices flowing, and I'm so excited to use these new skills for future weddings once the world gets back to normal!

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