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Danielle + Ty | Engagement | Spanish Fort + Fairhope, Alabama

I was first introduced to Danielle by Lindsay, her twin sister and good friend of mine, so I was absolutely thrilled when Danielle asked me to take her engagement photos! Danielle Reynolds and Ty Hughes are both sweet and kind souls, and you can really see their love and affection for each other in these photos. It was a warm, sunny day as we took a stroll through a trail in Spanish Fort and captured these lovely photos along the way!

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Next we stopped by Mr. Gene's Beans to cool off with some ice cream before heading to the Fairhope Pier. While they enjoyed their ice cream, a passerby remarked "you two look so picturesque!" --I agree!

Danielle and Ty shared their wedding date with this cute hand-painted sign done by Danielle!

We made our way to the Fairhope Pier fountain, where Ty proposed to Danielle on Christmas Eve. On that special day, Ty asked Danielle to come to the pier to "see his friend's new boat." When Danielle showed up, Ty was waiting for her in front of the fountain with a Christmas present: an ornament with the words "Will you marry me?" Then he got down on one knee, and they even recreated the moment during our photo session!

We ended our session with a peaceful stroll along the pier and a dip into the water during the beautiful sunset.


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